Daily Newsletter 3:22:18

Goooooood morning everyone: Lots of selloffs and rain of bad news from media to Wall Street, which is causing lots of selloff. Primarily most of the selloffs all this week was $FB which made most of its related stocks to drop as well. Momentum carries on in the stock market. Trade safe, cut loss quick... Continue Reading →


Daily Newsletter 3:19:18

Good Morning Everyone: Hope everyone had an awesome and safe weekend. The market Friday was still hot and spicy with stocks that continues to bring in the volume and rips after its initial rip it had previous day. Thats the condition we are currently in right now. Stocks that are making new highs continues to... Continue Reading →

Daily Newsletter 3:16:18

Good Morning Everyone: Hope you all had a great week so far. The market has been very active but volume and hype are been sounding two main stocks $DXR and $RKDA which kinda of hard to predicate or trade other great setups in the stock market. Stocks could have the best looking chart, best press... Continue Reading →

Daily Newsletter 3:13:18

Good Morning Y’all: Happy Tuesday, hope you all had an awesome weekend. I had a 3 day weekend due to travel, as a full-time contractor and part-time day-trader am always on the move working overseas. Extremely thankful for having the ability to be able to trade where ever there is WiFi strong enough to execute... Continue Reading →

Daily Newsletter 3:9:18

Goooooooooood O’ Morning Y’all: Hope everyone is having a great start and end of the trading week. Today is Friday and lots of press releases about company’s earnings in Penny Stocks are being posted this pre-market. These earnings for penny stocks aren’t important to me, because they mean nothing in the penny stocks world. Hype,... Continue Reading →

Daily Newsletter 3:8:18

Good morning Y’all Happy Awesome Thursday. Am super excited today because of yesterday’s action in the market. Low float stocks are in play again, I saw $ZSAN which I totally ignored and missed out on big profits as it was a great gainer. But, its a lesson learned and its one I’ll remind myself of,... Continue Reading →

Daily Newsletter 3:7:18

Good Morning Everyone… Happy Wednesday everyone and hope you all doing well. Thanks again for all the support, likes, shares on all my social media and blog site here. As always, its much appreciated. I do this in the hopes for newbies to alert him/her self of the scam online when it comes to paid... Continue Reading →

Daily Newsletter 3:6:18

Good Morning to you all people: Happy Green Tuesday! Yesterday the market had its nice bounce closing in a solid green with possible continuation because market loves follow-up momentum (good/bad) it does carry on the next day. That being said, I didn’t notice anything major other than $INNT which I avoided due to its high... Continue Reading →

Daily Newsletter 3:5:18

Awesome Morning Everyone... Happy Monday everyone and hope this week brings lots of profits to all. Friday was a wild day of trading. It started off in pre-market in red and drove $TVIX making new highs reaching $11+ which indicated a possible another selloff. And since it was Friday, I’ve decided not to participate and... Continue Reading →

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