Daily Newsletter 4:26:18

Good beautiful Morning to you all. Happy sweet Thursday because its just a day shy of the weekend.. I honestly think and strongly believe that most active, and full-time day traders hate weekends; that includes me as well. Its a blessing to have the ability, funds, and understanding to be able to trade daily. With... Continue Reading →


Daiy Newsletter 4:25:18

Good morning everyone. Happy Wednesday. The market faced a big pullback and it never bounced as it continued to make new lows throughout the entire day. Most stocks from all major sectors have closed in red. Pre-market futures seem to also point for another red day with possible more selloff. There is no major news... Continue Reading →

Daily Newsletter 4:24:18

Good morning y’all: Happy Awesome Tuesday, the stock market continues to be on the slow, low volume, and no momentum for me to make any profit. That being said, my eyes are always on each stock that does make a move and before chasing it, I look for reasonings such as, chart patters, or creditable... Continue Reading →

Daily Newsletter 4:23:18

Goooooooooood morning everyone. Hope everyone is doing well on this beautiful morning. Its been awhile since my last post/blog newsletter update. That being said, the market has also been on the downtrend which limits rewards and increases risk trading stocks for that quick gain a day trade like myself looks for during intraday trading session.... Continue Reading →

Daily Newsletter 4:10:18

Good morning everyone Happy Tuesday morning. Yesterday’s action and volume was awesome to see it make a comeback, even though we keep having breaking news. Investors are active and are trading stocks. The Penny Stocks sector is also been showing strength. $TRPX had all the attention right at the opening bell. Later it faded away... Continue Reading →

Daily Newsletter 4:9:18

Goooooood Blessed Morning to you all. Happy new and fresh full of profits Monday morning. Friday’s trading day was so slow, and in poor conditions. Overall, there was just not much press releases that were excited to check out, and the overall market was pointing to a lower opening. Both cases are predictable because it... Continue Reading →

Daily Newsletter 4:6:18

Good blessed morning to you all. Happy Beautiful Friday. TGIF y'all.. Hello everyone, I like to start off by apologizing for yesterday’s daily news link, it was the wrong one and most of the followers were not able to open nor read it. I later re-shared the right link but it was too late because... Continue Reading →

Daily Newsletter 4:5:18

Gooooooooood morning y’all.. Happy blessed Thursday y’all. Welcome back to the trading blog. Today, the pre-market is hot and super spicy on the bullish side. That sense of understanding, feeling, and knowing the market comes with a heavy price of being part of it for the past few years. For those who are expert and... Continue Reading →

Daily Newsletter 3:27:18

Good Morning AMERICA. Well, the stock market showed its Bull move yesterday but having its awesome bounce and closing +600 points after its recent 400+ drop. God bless the United States of America and its awesome strong backbone stock market. Its a beauty to just witness and be able to be part of this transformation... Continue Reading →

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