Daily Newsletter 3:26:18

Good Cheer & Morning to you all:

Happy Monday morning everyone, and hope that everyone had an exciting and relaxing weekend. After Friday’s market, it was hard to enjoy the weekend. Honesty, its been a struggle for me to take on a trade due to the high volatile ups and downs I the overall market. Its extremely difficult to predict what the stock will do, if it will sink or spike while am inside the trade. Even though a stock could be 100% creditable with reliable chart pattern, its still hard to trust a trade. Every time I get a sense of uncertainly or no confidence in a trade, I take a step back and won’t force a trade. Chances over the past two years has and continues to reveal I lose on trades in these conditions than making any profit.

That being said, many traders will post huge profit taking, which I personally congratulate each one for his/her success to take on the market like a Bull or Bear. These are the types of markets that reveals the professionals versus newbies. I will say, am a Newbie still, even though I’ve been trading for two full years. I have no problem stating or admitting the truth. But, I also won’t expose myself to risk taking and possible huge losses.

I will continue to watch the market and be 100% active, just incase an opportunity may present itself.

Here is Today’s iTwitsTrade Watchlist:


$BOSC (B.O.S. Better Online Solutions Reports Financial Results for the Fourth Quarter and for the Year Ended December 31, 2017)

$FLKS (Flex Pharma Reports Positive Topline Data from Exploratory Phase 2 Trial of FLX-787 in Multiple Sclerosis)

$HTBX (Heat Biologics Reports Positive Data to Further Support the Mechanism of Action for its Proprietary T-Cell Activation Platform)

$ONVO (Organovo Division Samsara Sciences Announces Multi-Year Supply Agreement With Lonza Bioscience Solutions)

$PRPO (Precipio Enters India Liquid Biopsy Market with Adoption by Leading Laboratory)

$TIK (Tel-Instrument Electronics Corp. Announces the Introduction of Its SDR-OMNI (All-in-One) Handheld (4.5 lb.) Test Set)

Chart Patterns:

  • $AKER Great squeeze on the 13ema and 200 day MA. Only real RES line is the 50 day MA on WEEKLY chart which is at $0.88.
  • $TROV break of $0.47 old HIGH, has room to run to the 200 day MA of $0.66.

Today’s Market Briefing by CNBC:

Futures were sharply higher this morning, with the Dow Jones industrial average set to open up about 300 points on Wall Street, as China-U.S. trade tensions ease. The possible gains will do only a little to negate last week’s steep losses, however. (CNBC)

Following last week’s slide, the Dow is in correction territory, sitting more than 3,000 points below its Jan. 26 record high, and the S&P 500 is just shy of correction sitting about 9.9 percent below its Jan. 26 all-time high. (CNBC)

Today’s Pre-Market Gappers:

Today’s Pre-Market News Scan:

Friday’s Overall Market:

Friday’s Top Gainer and Loser:

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