Daily Newsletter 4:6:18

Good blessed morning to you all. Happy Beautiful Friday. TGIF y’all..

Hello everyone, I like to start off by apologizing for yesterday’s daily news link, it was the wrong one and most of the followers were not able to open nor read it. I later re-shared the right link but it was too late because the market opened up already. That being said, I said yesterday that the market is hot, and volume is also high with lots of great setups to trade on the bullish side. Yesterday’s trade for me was $CHFS I also tweeted about it during Pre-market saying that it had a great press release with lots of volume and bottom setup. Those are the types of trades I live for and can trade them without fear. I got in at 3.26ish avg. it had a small pullback down to 3.18 and with 5k shares it got me a little freaked out, but held my position and increased it; 10 mins later, it started getting that hype and even though I locked in profit too soon at 3.33ish I have to regret. It peaked in PM at 3.65 but surely, at the opening bell it dropped closing in red.

Today’s market is going to be a struggle for two main factors, 1) Trump and his feud with China, and 2) its Friday end of the week and last day to trade. Usually volume is low versus other days of the week. Making it very difficult to make profits or look for possible trade. Nonetheless, I am here looking, watching, and tracking stocks for future breakouts. Putting the time and effort for result in trading stocks is a must. Just like everything else in life, put in the work. I hope I can make it a little easier to share my scan, watchlist, and breaking news on stocks to help others use this information for his/her best advantage. Again I would never recommend or ask any1 to go long or short on a stock. Am no professional nor a pump & dump chatroom owner.

Here is Today’s iTwitsTrades Watchlist:


$OPTT (Ocean Power Technologies to Highlight Its Anchorless PowerBuoy(TM) at Global Maritime Exposition)

$NOG (Northern Oil and Gas, Inc. Announces Pricing of Public Offering of Common Stock)

Chart Patterns:

$LFIN The stock continues to bring in the hype and pushing higher highs. The CEO came on CNBC few days ago trying to defend his company due to lots of allegations toward him and his wife selling their shares when it spiked to $140 back in December of 2017 just less than 4 months ago. The stock has potential to attract day traders to get in and get out QUICK. Next resistant area is $29.75

$TVIX This is the stock that runs when the market drops, and the best way to think of it, TVIX is the gasoline on the Fire which is the Market. Market drops, TVIX jumps up.

Today’s Market Briefing by CNBC:

Futures were sharply lower this morning after President Donald Trump threatened $100 billion in additional tariffs against China. That move threatens a three-day win streak for the Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq, as well as a second straight positive week for all three averages. (CNBC)

The March employment report would be the focus of the markets were it not for the latest trade worries, but will still get plenty of attention when it is released at 8:30 a.m. ET. The economy is expected to have added 178,000 new non-farm jobs last month, with the unemployment rate edging lower to 4.0 percent. Average hourly earnings are seen posting a 0.2 percent increase. (CNBC)

Here is today’s Pre-market Gappers:

Here is today’s Pre-market PR News Scan:

Yesterday’s Overall Market:

Yesterday’s Top Gainer and Loser:

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