Daily Newsletter 4:23:18

Goooooooooood morning everyone.

Hope everyone is doing well on this beautiful morning. Its been awhile since my last post/blog newsletter update. That being said, the market has also been on the downtrend which limits rewards and increases risk trading stocks for that quick gain a day trade like myself looks for during intraday trading session. I’ve seen amazing moves the past few weeks, and I traded some of those stocks and lost on most of them. The month of April has been down on volume when it comes to Penny stocks, low float, and low momentum list of companies. Keep in mind, we are in the earning season and most traders will turn to higher priced stocks that release good earnings and push volume away from penny stocks. Once earnings is over, volume can start to come back, and bring back great press releases for penny stock companies that can see that awesome wave of huge volume of traders come and watch stocks start showing its predictable signs of pushing higher/lower on the intraday chart. Today it seem another mixed market signals as traders are not sure where the hype and excitement will be at… Staying Green and away from quick spikes is my goal this entire month. There is nothing wrong with my strategy of not “trading” every day! Some traders that make his/her income from day trading feel like they should trade everyday, for me I strongly disagree. I won’t force a trade because most likely it will go against me.

Here are today’s iTwitsTrades Watchlist:


  • $CNIT (Announced that the company has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with NowNews Digital Media Technology Co. Ltd. (OTCQB: NDMT)
  • $MOC (Today announced the award of a new five-year contract to provide security and merchandise screening services for LaGuardia Gateway Partners at the new LaGuardia Airport Central Terminal Building . Total revenues associated with this award are estimated to be approximately $23.0 million over the five year (5) contract period. Work under the contract will commence on or about June 1, 2018 .)
  • $AQMS (announced transition plan; Selwyn Mould , Company Co-Founder and COO, appointed as interim CEO)

Chart Patterns:


Today’s Market Briefing:

U.S. stock futures were mixed this morning as the yield on the 10-year Treasury hit new 16-month highs, on the verge of exceeding the psychologically key level of 3 percent. The Dow on Monday is trying to avoid its first four-session losing streak since February 27 through March 2. (CNBC)

Today’s Pre-market Gappers:

Today’s Pre-market Press Releases:

Friday’s list of Top Gainer and Loser stocks:

Friday’s Overall Market:


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