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Hello! My name is Ramy a.k.a. Ray, I’ve always been inspired by well successful investors such as, Warren Buffett, Marcus lemonis and Kevin O’Leary, who are self-made billionaires and professional businessmen all my life.

A little about me, I came to the United States back in 1993 as an immigrant. I was born and raised until the age of 8 in Iraq but as an Iraqi Christian we knew staying in Iraq is no longer an option, and thats when we were fortunate to have the United States accept our application to move to the US.

I am 36 MBA graduate and under graduate in Business Management B.A. Am currently on the path to master trading and turn it into a full-time job that can outrank any other company’s salary. After two years of part-time trading, I’m still struggling to find that consistent profit making. I’ve managed to really be good at technical analyst, which is all about how to read a chart and use the most popular indicators that many professional traders in the industry use. The second part of analyzing stocks is using fundamental analyst such as, SEC Filling, inside buying, earnings per share, etc. Having the ability to understand both is important when trading stocks, because when a company gets a press release it will include terms i.e., 10k report, S4 and without knowing what those forms are, it could lead to missing out on possible profit making opportunities. Its like taking a math and learning only how to add or subtract! per see.

Day trading and especially “Pennystocks” trading is one of the most challenging things I’ve have done both emotionally and physically. It requires a major patient, calm, confident, and self-discipline to master it. I lack all of the above, and I strongly believe until I can overcome them all, I can finally quit my current job and let trading be my prime source of income. There are allot of potential that am willing to give it the time, and effort I’ve put into it the past two years.

My family comes first, I have a son, and wife who I truly love and being the breadwinner of the family, I can’t risk their status quo.

My main primary reason having a social network sharing a daily newsletter blog, is to keep myself discipline and prep myself on what is happening on daily bases. Sharing my thoughts, and views online keeps me in check. I also enjoy the feedback on new traders who are interested in becoming day traders and gaining the free source of information I share such as, scan results trade ideas, equity feed news scan, and future breakouts of stocks.

So, I thank you for all the feedback and I would appreciate it if you follow, share, and add my social media of twitter, WordPress blog. Again, thanks for reading and if you have any concern, question, or guidelines when it comes to stocks and trading them, feel free to reach out at iTwitsTrade@gmail.com or simply fill out the bottom required information and it will be forwarded to my E-mail.





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